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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  May 4, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at the state department saying they have been blocked from coming forward and they survived the terror attack and want to tell their story. will you help them come forward and say it once and for all? >> i'm not familiar with the notion that anybody has been blocked from testifying. what i will do is i will find out what exactly you are referring to. >> so what you have is an attorney saying she represents somebody claiming that she is not getting the security clearance and yet the agencies involved have no information about that at all. so, you know, which falls into the broader story here which this is the allegations are
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part of an unfortunate pattern of spreading the issue. imgeraldo rivera"geraldo at reporting that officials including jay carney as you just saw subbornly denied that anybody working for the state or defense departments was blocked from testifying about the tragic events in benghazi last september 11th. specifically mr. carney was dismissive of somebody called an attorney saying she represents somebody. earlier this week on thursday i exclusively interviewd that attorney. victoria tensing a high ranking official in the regan justice department. they represent two potential whistle blowers, both of them state department employees who hope to testify next wednesday before a congressional committee. we learned their identities. victoria's client is greg
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hicks. deputy chief of mission in libya the number two man and we think the last person to speak to ambassador chris stevens whose last words shouted into his cell phone were we're under attack. we're under attack. joe's client is mark thompson is former marine who is deputy coordinator for counter terrorism at the state department and both hicks and thompson believe the previous investigation done on benghazi by something called the accountability review board was severely lacking. here now attorneys victoria tensing and joe. >> always good to see you. >> always good to see you. >> get right to it. first of all, your response to what jay carney said saying she represents somebody. >> oh, well, i don't know why jay carney is being so dismissive because he has two letters that he had to know about. darrell issa sent two letters
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and both said would you please clear lawyers so they can hear classified information. so jay carney must not have done thinks homework that day. >> geraldo: tell us who it is exactly you represent and then joe i would like the same question answered from you. victoria, you first. >> i can assure you that i have a client and i can assure you that next week my client will be testifying and things will be contradictery so what the administration scenario was. >> we are representing them for free, probono. we are charging them nothing. they are truly great americans. they are state department employees. they are prepared to tell their stories truthfully and candidly and one thing that will come out of this, geraldo, that will be a great disappointment to a lot of people in government, the accountability review board that was conducted by ambassador pickering and admire ral mullen will have prove ton
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be a cover up, one of the worst jobs done in the the history of governmental reporting. didn't even interview the secretary of state for their report and how you can do it a benghazi investigation and not interview the secretary of state and not interview a series of people who were intimately involved in benghazi asked to be interviewed and were declined to be interviewed. the -- the benghazi report by pickering and mull seaso muller up geraldo those are strong words joe. do you think that was done for political purposes with the election in mind? when pickering was told that he was going to have to deal with the 7th floor that is hillary, i was told he became physically ill and didn't want to deal with it. >> geraldo: the big headline, though, joe, is not that you are alleging that the government of the united states
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covered up the facts and circumstances that led to the tragic death of four american heros in benghazi. >> what is abundantly cleared from the accountability review board which is really a misnomer at this point is that there were people who had -- were material witnesses who wanted to talk to them and they were not' loued to talk to them -- not allowed to talk to them. people who had direct factual knowledge of the attack on the ground and that was going on in the department that night. and by the way, where are is the hour-by-hour schedule of the president of the united states on september 11th, 2012? it has never been released. >> we knew that schedule for when osama bin laden was kill. >> there were videos of the president watching the assault of the capture of osama bin laden. where is the video of what he did the night of benghazi? geraldo, when they want you to know something they tell it all and they tell it to the "new york times" usually on the
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we had an individual out there and t making some unfounded and patently false accusations on previous days that she and her partner contacted the state department which they hadn't and suggested they had been pro processed for clearance but had not before she requested one. we repeatedly had the personnge blower held back from telling
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their story and we are not aware of this individual or any one asking to tell the story. >> geraldo: by thursday the state department pushing back aggressively. essentially calling the attorneys liars for saying they were being denied clearance to interview their client. even as recently as today, saturday morning victoria told me over the telephone they had still not been granted the top secret clearance the attorneys say they need to properly represent their clients and 8 months after the fact there is no doubt that how you lawmakers feel about benghazi and they feel about, you know, what is going on here still depends less on the facts and more on whether they are republicans or democrats. now, back to victoria and joe. are you part of the benghazi issue? >> i'm a lawyer before i am anything. really a goldwater libertarian. i have taken on republican and democratic administrations.
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if any democratic lawyer wants to come forward and do probono what we are doing i welcome that person to the team. >> know, joe, was your client trulyample in position true to know the scenario as it went down in real time? >> absolutely. >> listen, geraldo, between our witnesses and at least one other witness you are going to know what the security issues were prior to 9/11. what happened the night of 9/11 and what happened in the aftermath including the retaliation. >> geraldo: this purported testimony is a game changer is it not, joe? >> geraldo, it is. and let me just say something that is really important, appropriate to your question. while there may be political influences throughout the process outside, be one thing is certain, the people that we are representing are career civil servants. they are not political appointee hes. they are not people who came to
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government because president obama got elec elected or geore bush got elected. they are people who served the country overseas in the country in dangerous positions all over the world have risked their lives and only want to tell the truth and they have here tofor been prevented from doing so and retaliated against for speaking up. what is disgusting is to hear jay carney in a flippant way say benghazi happened so long ago. benghazi is alive today in the lives that these career civil servants are living in their jobs because of the way they are being treated. i think what jay carney did was not only disgraceful to the memory of the four dead americans it is disgraceful to to the performance of these great public servants that we represent. >> geraldo: is it fair to say that your clients will debunk
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the notion that the antimuslim individual joe what precipitated the violence benghazi. >> without a doubt. you know it is serious when lawyers agree to work for free. >> geraldo: is there any information that either of your clients has that would indicate that lives could have been saved that awful night in benghazi? >> geraldo, i just don't like to say that. i think things could have been done and certainly glen and tyrone the two who were killed later things could have been done. who knows for sure whether the lives could have been saved but if everything had done we would know and we won't know because not everything was done and that is the best way to put it. >> geraldo, regrettably we will never know the answer to that question. but when this is over people will be able to make judgments about whether or not their
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government did everything it could have to save the backs of the people who were risking their lives for the united states government. >> this is coverup 101 without a doubt. that is why we got involved. >> geraldo: i thank you both and look forward to the evolution of the story. now, i know that these clients are in good hands and i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> thank you, geraldo. great to be with you. >> bye. >> geraldo: she will be at the hearings next week but even though her son was among the four murdered in benghazi the government refused to pay for her ticket the to washington. shawn is smith died in the first wave of attacks in benghazi and his mom patricia smith joins us from washington, d.c. she wants to know why her son was killed. thanks for coming on. i appreciate it. i bond hear your reaction is hearing from the attorneys that they have this bombshell that there was a coverup allegedly
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of the facts and circumstances of the incident in which your son was killed. >> i know there was a coverup. i have studied this thing backwards, forwards, upside down. i had to get my information from outside sources because the government would not tell me. they kept telling me they are investigating. jay carney says it is old news but they he still don't have answers. and hillary says that what difference does it make? it makes one big difference to me. my son was killed. and he couldn't -- he could have been saved if people would have is done their jobs. >> geraldo: what is the most burning question you have? can you tell us specifically what is it that you really want to know? >> who blew it? who did not do their job? and why not? i have asked everyone. i asked biden. i have asked hillary. i have asked obama.
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and panetta. every one of them face to face i have asked them and they all said they would get back to me yet they haven't gotten back to me. nobody has told me anything except that they would tell me that i'm not part of the immediate family so they don't have to tell me things. >> geraldo: why do you want to be there personally to see the hearings? >> i want to know. i want to know who blew it. who who -- why -- what was this that they were supposed to be saying? who it was it that was supposed to -- now, sean called me he and told me that he saw people taking pictures and he was really worried. and he said that he reported it. and nobody -- and nobody did anything about it. why was that? and why was the fact that so many times it was reported
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please send security, we need more security. even stevens asked for security. there was no security sent. in fact, they he even took away security that was there. i want to know why. >> geraldo: when did you last speak with sean smith your son? >> on the day that he died. you --ldo: and could cow >> that is when called me to say he saw them taking pictures. >> geraldo: what else besides the fact that he saw people outside the come punt walls taking pictures? >> he didn't say much else because he couldn't tell me very much. >> geraldo: did he tell you he was frightened and feel the people were suspicious? did he feel he was in hostile territory? yes. >> knew that in advance. he knew that before he went there. that was the kind of job it was and he was very, very proud of his job and doing a good job at it. it was well beyond the pale of what he was expecting -- he expected to be protected.
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he was not. >> geraldo: is one of the most frustrating things in this case that it has been so long and no suspects have been killed or captured? >> he don't know anything about suspects. all i know is that they had video of everybody that did all this. a lot of those video cameras weren't even operable. they didn't even work. they weren't even installed yet. >> do you feel this is a failure of president obama, of secretary of state clenton? clinton? do you asigh blame specifically? that administration. in tell us who is the object of your wrath? >> i don't want to it accuse anybody. i do have my suspicions and i do think that i know -- in fact, i know what happened pretty much. i just want somebody to admit it and i don't want them to do this to anybody else mostly. i want our people to be safe
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when they go to these places that are very, very dangerous they he should have the protection that is necessary to keep them alive. and to do their job. and that hasn't happened. and i'm afraid the people that -- sean is gone but there is others that come after him. i want them to be safe. and that can't be safe if it the same people are in charge. >> geraldo: i have to leave you there. thank you so much for coming on. i really appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> geraldo: and benghazigate goes from simmer to boil we will hear from congress, former not bad. this tree has deep roots, strong limbs... things are pched and not pinned. nicely done. thboys love it. they are up there day and night. well that might be because y overlooked one thing... what? it looks into your neighbor's window. ohhh boy. hel-lo, mrs. kozlowski. boys? i'm gonna get the hose. [ dennis ] home insurance with do-it-yourself tips? that's allstate home insurance. great protection plus helpful advice to make life better.
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mom! because we know that this is the season that inspires. (sigh) from dressers to duvets, it's time to refresh with ikea. >> geraldo: with us from our studio in harrisburg, congressman scott perry. on the homeland security and foreign affairs committees. he is interestingly and
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relevant to this discussion also a colonel in the united states national guard. >> that's correct, army national guard of pennsylvania. >> what is it about the benghazi situation, congressman, that most stokes your ire? what is it that really makes you angry? >> we feel we have a trust issue with the administration. we can't get the we want regarding any of it. they are coming slowly but forced and contradictery to testimony of secretary clinton at the time when she testified in january so we wonder what else is missing. particularly the talking points regarding the spontaneous eruption of the crowd that led to this attack. we found out now you most recently that those talking points were altered, the intelligence community made them. they were altered by the department of state and by the white house and, of course, the secretary acted and her testimony like she had nothing at all to do with them. we bond ferrara sh bond ferrart
10:24 pm
forthcoming about those things what else is there. >> geraldo: do you think it is significant, these reports we are now hearing that they were perhaps three al-qaeda professional terrorist operatives on the scene there in benghazi that night? >> of course, we think it is important. we think it is pivotal and critical information. got to remember the administration would like the american people to believe and just reiterating the fact that -- their fact that al-qaeda is now defunct and nonoperational. that is not true. right now without answers from the administration. >> geraldo: do you believe lives could have been saved if there had been a different response to the emergency as it was unfolding that night? >> i sure hope to believe so. i can tell you as a congressman and member of the foreign affairs committee who has asked
10:25 pm
we don't know what assets might have been available, who was summoned, who weren't summoned. we don't know those answers so we are is skeptical about the administration claim there is nothing that could be done. shouldn't we be able to verify that to self-assure ourselves and important to know for people serving in the future what services and assets are avail to them when things go really bad? you are not as apt to hang it out there if you know that nobody has got your back. >> geraldo: how do you respond to the contention there are whistle blowers within the state department who claim there was a coverup of the benghazi the true facts and circumstances and wonder whether the truth will h ever come out or whether it has been suppresses intentionally for political reasons? what is your response? >> we wanted to with all due
10:26 pm
deferences give the administration the benefit of the doubt. as the cacophoney of the claims races, if people are suppressed from talking i think that is a big deal. the fact that the president's secretary says look this is old news. it can't be old news for benghazi so we shouldn't care yet george bush is still relevant. if george bush is still relevant than benghazi is still relevant. we need to get to the bottom of it. >> geraldo: thanks again for your service and i hope you enjoy your term in congress there. >> geraldo, thank you very much for the i'm just saying, why does the enterprise get all the good missions? [ bang, alarm blaring ] here we go. on-screen. i'm very sorry. i think i ran into you. it's space. you couldn't go arod me? don't worry. i have esurance. their modern tools let me customize my policy. are you okay? 'cause you look a little banged up.
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at churchill downs. taking home nearly $1.5 million of a more than $2 million purse. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." latinoest headlines log on to for all the latest headlines log on to >> geraldo: the former vice chief of staff of the arm hmy, four star general retired jack keene joins us. how are you doing? i have to start with a crucial question. you and i have spoken about benghazi before and it it is my understanding having briefed every ranking officer and retired and active duty that i could find on this issue that we had no military assets with which we could have saved the lives our people in benghazi. as you sit there tonight, to the best of your knowledge, general, is that true? >> based on what i know and
10:32 pm
certainly i'm willing to listen and get more information. that is essentially true that the fact is that general hamm who was the on-scene commander had one single drone available to him that didn't have a weapon and none other in the theater that could be close enough to get there in time and if he got the national mission force out of ft. bragg, north carolina, to deploy and also the counter terrorism force out of europe to deploy neither of those were able to get there in time. what is unfortunate is we never really laid the details of all of that down. >> geraldo: there are still witnesses unquestioned about what happened? >> it if it there are witnesses that are volunteering information because they he have not been questioned in their judgment they have information of value then they certainly also should be he listened to. the outrageous thing in front of us is the fact that if we are going to go back and solve most of these problems but we knew who did this within 48
10:33 pm
hours by name and they were the people that were harming us for a year and we he should have given the cia the ability to go kill and capture just as we have done to the the al-qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan and we are conducting a criminal investigation and to date we have nothing to show for it. it is incredible. >> geraldo: there were three suspects named only now. what do you make of that, general? >> i don't understand it. and what it is telling me is there is not much to this investigation. less ton what i'm saying. the cia knew who did it within 48 hours. they knew the leaders of aas who were inflicting damage in benghazi for a year. they know the organization well. we could have begun to take that organization apart almost immediately following that attack. and we should have been on them ever since that time until we destroyed that organization.
10:34 pm
and now we are putting free people who are in it on the internet to see he if somebody knows them? this makes no sense to me. >> geraldo: do you think it is possible that the political bickering over the hot topic has impeded the information? has impeded the investigation? >> i think it as huge polyfailure. it is not a criminal act. it is a terrorist act and we should use all of the power of national command authority to go after it and in the lead is the central intelligence agency not the fbi. that is the major problem we have had since this event. >> geraldo: so you could see using the fbi as a lead investigation for a crime committed here even an act of terror like the boston marethon but in benghazi that was an act of war and people should have been bleeding now or arrested now or lying in the desert dead now? >> absolutely. we responded aggressively post
10:35 pm
9/11, 2001 to terrorism as an act of war and used central intelligence agency and military for that response. that is what this should have been as well. we should have been killing and capturing them now tore 8 months and i think by now this organization would have been decimate. >> geraldo: the investigation by the accountability review board is itself being investigated and right now craig has an interview with a former cia operator with insider information about the expected testimony of the whistle blowers. here is craig. >> what really happened during the attacks on our embassy in benghazi, libya? whistle blowers with intimate knowledge of the administration's response that night will give their version to congress. but how will it affect
10:36 pm
president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton? >> if they know that in advance of the 9/11 attacks there was significant and clear warnings about at least the group who is suspected of being prepared to carry out the attack. >> did secretary of state clinton lie when americans died as stated by former military and intelligence operators? the they claim procedures to alert and deploy counter terrorism response teams were not taken. >> the night of this event they were not brought in to the crisis management response. they were deliberately excluded and they were excluded because to have brought them in would have been to admit this was a terrorist incident. >> former cia intelligence analyst larry johnson worked intelligence and counter insurgency and has been a consultant for the past 19 years. >> you are talking about a deliberate effort to deceive the american people. >> what happened was it was a spontaneous reaction to what
10:37 pm
had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> after the benghazi incident, u.n. ambassador susan rice famously blade an antimuslim film as the catalyst for the september 11th attack. insiders claim there was a deliberate attempt to cover up prior threats to the embassy. >> what were the repercussions when the whistle blowers like your friend came forward with the the inland gibbs. >> the people had their positions dehe moated. their access denied and in some cases even blame wrongly assigned. >> while no one alleges that the lives of ambassador chris stevens or computer expert sean smith could have been saved, there is widespread speculation a faster response could have blunted a second attack several hours later which took the lives of former navy seals wood and dougherty. >> why would the administration
10:38 pm
knowingly withhold security forces from going in? >> this would be admitting this was a property incident and prior to the election admitting a terrorist incident directly linked to a group like al-qaeda did not fit with the election narrative. they were under the direct control of the chief of mission and cree of commission is ambassador stevens and the next person in the chain of command to him is secretary clinton. >> i could see the initial confusion in the beginning. you you have a situation developing. >> a special operator in libya during the attack told our adam housely the state department dropped the ball. >> the problem with state department is they don't have the procedures in place and if they do, they haven't practiced or exercised them and now, you know, they are making up for all of the mistakes they made with excuse and there is no excu. >> do you have any knowledge what ambassador stevens was
10:39 pm
doing in benghazi that day on 9/11? i have direct knowledge that he was meeting with the turkish council general and having those kinds of meetings is highly unusual. the only justification for that based on my experience is turkey's role in facilitating the movement of weapons and personnel. >> whether ambassador stevens was really in benghazi to pass weapons has not really been confirmed. there was nobody in charge. >> hillary clintons fully informed of what was going on that night and she was specifically involved in limiting the far participation of the counter terrorism bureau in the response as they should have been involved. >> johnson said he thinks the whistle blowers will tell
10:40 pm
congress that the state department totally dropped the ball in benghazi. ignored advance warnings. failed to get counter terrorism experts and the military involved during the attacks and even though it knows who did this the whistle blowers will ask why the state department still hasn't officially named who murdered our men in benghazi. geraldo? >> geraldo: thanks, craig. up next, ann coulter on who is to blame for the benghazi
10:41 pm
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how could we prevent somethinglike this from happening again if we don't know what happened and what went wrong there. the one thing we know is hillary clinton when she was asked did she read the cables asking for more security there and when she said no that really alarms me that the person in charge of the state department never read any of the cries for help, any of the pleas for help and then h her department denied these requests for enhanced security and that i think is really dereliction of duty and she should never be in that kind of authority again. >> geraldo: should preclude here from being in that authority again. which means of course, she should not be president and rand paul is we think running for president in 2016 against the former secretary of state hillary clinton. with me with her unique take on
10:45 pm
the benghazi gate scandal the income parable ann coulter. does this impact the former first lady's presidential prospects? >> well, it should but it didn't impact the commander in prospectselection pros is because the media didn't talk about it. obama is commander in chief and he was technical responsible. she was secretary of state, hillary clinton blowing off all this stuff. you really can't help but to keep coming back be to the media. people complained about mitt romney not bringing it up more in the debates. the american people wouldn't have known what he was talking about. the media bought their lies. they're are nonsense lies about it being some american movie trailer put on you tube which was lied about over and over again. hillary lied about there not being warnings. and just if you just look at expanded -- a small amount -- expand it a small amount. first the bombers in boston warned by russia.
10:46 pm
underwear bomber we were warned by his father. hassan, we were warned he was radical. it is like a muslim is a made man and if all of the -- >> geraldo: you are getting -- >> it is democrats not running for -- you may be -- >> and the media protecting >> geraldo: am willing to debate the media issue. i want to get back to hillary clinton, though. is it conceivable that she was out of the loop as she testified or is the bombshelf these whistle blowers that are now coming forward going to be that hillary in some way was not being exactly frank and candid in her previous testimony? >> well, either way, i think it is not good for her. our ambassador gets killed. what was she doing? getting her hair done? if that is her excuse it is not a very good excuse. we will see what the whistle blowers have to say. all of the revisions that the
10:47 pm
talking points went through that democrats were supposed to read and the cia keeps cutting out an attack and calling it a demonstration and it is a cover up because obama was up for reelection. >> geraldo: and do you think the media was complicit in downplaying the story? >> and to the point of candy crownly lyingly confirming saying that onshor he called it of terror but it was a lie. stun had gone home from watching the debate that night. >> geraldo: because the president is a lame duck the relevant personality is the secretary of state that is why i keep bringing it back to the secretary of state. do you think that she will be affected? i know you believe she should be. be realistic. you can be ruthlessly pragmatic when you have to be. do you think realistically this will have legs? >> yes. i mean i think republicans aren't giving up on it. but there is the power of the media and then, of course, the
10:48 pm
other question is i mean biden was the vice president to this guy who allowed our ambassador to be killed and then covered it up because he was up for reelection. >> do you have any misgivings of the fact that there were virtually no democrats who want this probe continued while there are no republicans who wanted this continued. it seems so bruteally partisan at this point. >> we see this kind of partisanship and i'm sorry it is not the same on both sides it is the democrats who behave in this partisan way. you had republicans going to nixon saying you have to resign but in the senate you had every single democrat voting against clinton's impeachment. you never see that kind of behavior from republicans. if this were a republican president and blamed it some on american's dumb youtube video i promise you republicans would be denouncing him and calling for are an investigation and so and and so forth.
10:49 pm
>> geraldo: i saw the same thing in fast and furious. it was a republican investigation as this will be in the oversight committee chaired by darrell issa and people will suggest look at darrell issa here he is again with another axe to grind. you know that is what is going to -- >> he is not the one behaving in a partisan way. republicans are perfectly happy to attack a republican president. sometimes unjustifiably i would add. it was republicans in the base who got george bush to withdrawal harriet meyers and got them to withdraw the amnesty plans. we will attack when our side is doing something wrong. the democrats will not. oh, they will not. nor will the media. >> geraldo: okay. we will have ann a chance to give final thoughts on this and i will give you my he takeaway on the significance of the upcoming hearings on benghazi gate including the two whistle blowers, after this. ♪ it was the best day whoo! yes!
10:50 pm
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the united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. we are working with the government of libya to secure diplomats and i also directed my administration to increase our security at diplomatic posts around the world and make no mistake. we will work with the libya government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> geraldo: do you want to comment on the fact that only now we are seeing pictures of the purported perpetrators and they are being posted on the internet for information leading to the blah, blah. >> what is their explanation for that? are they just saying well, we he had to get obama reelected so we have to depress the evidence? >> geraldo: i as far as i know have not heard any explanation why this was not done in a more
10:54 pm
are timely fashion. i have not heard. >> the political correctness of the democratic administrations is putting americans in danger and that has to hurt hillary clinton's prospects i'm sorry to go back to the conversation from before. >> geraldo: i think po politic. >> the political correctness gene kicks in and they instantly go to blame an american. >> geraldo: why do you say political correctness, why not competence? >> that is why i ran through the list of the underwear bomber and times square bomber and fort hood, boston, the evidence is all there and all leading to a muslim and they say no, don't do anything, if only it were leading to a white guy. >> geraldo: you can't seriously believe that they are -- >> ia. >> geraldo: prosecution or advancing the base cases becaue they are muslim. >> do you think if the fbi had got and warning from oh, say, a militia group we think these
10:55 pm
guys are planning these white guys are radicals. >> geraldo: libya is a fragile state and u.s. military presence in libya might collapse the fragile new government. to think they didn't do anything because they it are muslim. >> the overall approach to foreign policy every one of the terrorist attacks could have been stopped by the government and under a democrat it was not stopped because of political correctness even though we were warned by the underwear bomber's father and warned by russia about boston. the army had laughable signs about fo fort hood. they won't send more are security when the ambassador is pleading for it and we have those records out today. >> geraldo: i have to leave you but thank you for as usual your measured and not overstated -- >> it is not unique. i think as you say half the country is with me on this. >> geraldo: about half. because it happened in the heat
10:56 pm
of the elections i agree with ann. the reaction to the attacks in benghazi has been bitterly political from the get-go let's face it but i think it is also fire say that some republicans recklessly scugged tha suggests were lost because president obama failed as commander in chief just as some refused to admit this was a terrorist attack and al-qaeda was involved. now, comes the congressional hearings scheduled for wednesday and if the obama administration wants us to have the truth they have to give the attorneys, going back to where we started tonight, the top secret clearance this they need to interview their own clients, the insiders greg hicks and mark thompson so they can testify freely and testify about requests for extra security before the fact over there in benghazi and testify about what was done and not done on the night of the tay
10:57 pm
tal attacks. and -- fatal attacks and testify also about the misleading talking points after the fact, those notorious talking points that were, of course, presented by the u.n. ambassador susan rice. we know who did it, which militia was involved and the fbi now posting these pictures that they had sense last september of the three alleged perpetrators? what took so long? why isn't the cia in charge. this isn't csi benghazi. this is war. that is it for us. thank you very much for watching. have a great week. [ engine sputters ] [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call and sign up for good hands roadside assistance today. [ dennis ] are you in good hands?
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welcome to "red eye" it's like the sound of music if you mean muffled screams of an exchange student in my basement. let's go to andy for a report. what's coming up? i don't care. >> coming up. the most racist ad ever made? our all star panel of white people debate straight ahead. plus shocking new video of actress reese witherspoon's dress provides further proof i am now indeed america's sweetheart. finally what happens when we send bill schultz out on the street to get people's thoughts on honesty. hopefully they tell him how they honestly feel about him and then drag him over and tie him to it, put straw underneath it. s